The Hammerdoodle Speaketh:


Three close colleagues and I have been making plans for a couple years now to start our own design/game studio and recently we've made some smooth moves to get that ball rolling. With 4+ projects (including games!) already underway, you can expect to be seeing some neat stuff from us soon.


After creating the first Sky Parlor as a class project, I decided to start working on a second installment. Haven will be more of a spiritual successor to the first game than it will be a sequel or prequel.

The outcome of the game will weigh heavily on choices made by the player. Though the first game was strictly a dating simulator, Haven is more so an adventure, role-playing game with a strong reliance on your relationships with the NPC's

This project is somewhat on hold as I am pursuing another "small" game project before continuing to work on Haven. You can find live updates here [Link] and game dev progress can currently be seen on my instagram account [Link]

The Hammerdoodle hath spoketh. Now, be gone.