The campaign we (Voyage Studio) were tasked with branding and promoting was a innovation workshop to be held on the university's improvement day. The book that their guest speakers were going to be referencing was called Sparks of Genius. It took us a whole creative session of brainstorming, but we finally realized the idea of using a matchstick after recalling this book.

We chose the phrase 'Ignite your Creativity' and donned the colors of the sponsoring theme Rethink the Box. We didn't stop with a poster, though. The brand continued throughout the campaign with a single color logo used in sidewalk stencils (which are quite challenging to execute, by the way) and tote bags. We also came up with the idea to create matchboxs and put candy inside to help promote the event. Our final suggestion was to make matchstick pretzels (pretzels dipped in red chocolate) for snacks at the workshop.