Island City is Winona's very own brewery and, at the time of this campaign, recently opened. When they decided it was time to think about canning their craft beers, they came to our campaign class looking for a fresh design and branding for their IPA, Lost Compass, and Red Lager, High Forest.

They explained that they wanted an exploration and adventure aesthetic, but without the camping feel. This was a little challenging to conceptualize at first, but Voyage Studio was up to the task. 

Together we flushed out ideas until we devised a story to implement into the two brews. We interpreted the Lost Compass as an instrument that leads you into the unknown (instead of a broken or physically lost object), while we took High Forest quite literally and imagined it as a floating forest island in the stars. 

EMBARK ON A JOURNEY into the unknown. You hold your guide in the palm of your hand. Who knows what may be waiting ahead? You may never know where you're going, you may not even know where you are, but with Lost Compass you are guaranteed to find something new. So what are you waiting for?

Let the adventure begin...

THE SKY ISN'T THE LIMIT, the sky is your beginning. A mysterious floating forest entices you. The clouds are beside you and the birds, below. Feel the wind sifting through your hair and the waterfall's mist on your skin. High Forest may not be your home, but it could be your grand escape. Reach for the stars.

They're closer than you think. 

One of the most important things Island City wanted to keep in mind was the local community. Winona is a very bike friendly city and with the the various schools and universities, pedalling is a very common form of travel in the warm months. Island City also discussed the idea of a delivery service for canned brews.

With all this in mind, we pitched the idea of a custom bike rack, made specifically to hold a package of beer. Speaking of package, we offered a unique twist on the standard rectangle. 12 beers or 6 beers could be sold stacked in a pyramid. This made the package easy to carry, loop onto a hook, or placed on our bike rack. In storage, the pyramids could be stacked in a 'one upright, one upside down' fashion so that a rectangle is formed from two packages next to each other.