The Bluffview Montessori School had recently updated their logo, as shown on the left, and was looking for a new mascot to complete the update. Their current mascot's colors completely clashed with their new logo colors, so our first step was to bring unity to that area. We (Voyage Studio) selected three colors to build off of and went from there. After a few concept sessions, we came up with some pretty major changes. Their current mascot was an explorer, so we moved in the direction of scouts to appeal to our age group (K-8). Next we transitioned from a man to three animals that could be found in the bluffs. Through this, we offered diversity without pinpointing specific traits or characteristics. Finally we tied together the mascots with scarves displaying the three chosen colors. 

Another bold move we took in this design was a move away from the typical school mascot aesthetic. Our client explained that they wanted to sell merchandise with the new mascots, so with that in mind, we styled our mascots after what we found in children's animations and products. Some of the merchandise we recommended were fans that doubled as masks not displayed, pins and keychains top left, bandanas (so that the children could also be explorers/scouts) top right, phone skins and large stickers to help appeal to the older half of the demographic left and right, and badges (keeping with the scout theme) bottom. The badge designs can alternatively be used as stickers or graphics on the school's documents. The pitch was risky, but we wanted to take the opportunity to offer a fresh idea, tailored to the client.