mVet Brand Identity


identity creation

photography + editing


video design

marketing (instagram, web, & print)

project overview

using the pre-existing mVet brand (logo), create an identity that both represents the line and can be utilized in various mediums.


give the mVet branding a strong, memorable identity that shows the quality of the product line and connects emotionally with the client.

note 1.

all of the product shots in these ads were taken by yours truly. my goals with the ads above and left were to provide a clean, professional aesthetic while still incorporating fun and

eye-catching visuals + copy. the cohesive wrap ad (left), in particular, was created to be used as the closing page in one of our catalogues.

note 2.

I created the below videos with social media platforms in mind (specifically

instagram). they're fast paced, informative, and just extra enough

to make you stop scrolling. I also made a point to maintain the

brand's identity themes in color, copy, and overall mood.

while there are important product demonstrations and

information in these videos, the focus is on the visual

appeal and feeling.

"make kennel pads fun", they said.

note 3.

with the help of some extra hands, the entire red vial ad (below) was filmed in our office on a table next to my cubicle... on a phone. it was a good time.

here's a bonus note: I also shot and edited this dram vial set (left), and yes, the background is transparent ;) 

note 4.

when I was working on this identity for mVet, I wanted to keep in mind a variety of mediums. the soft colors and clean negative space give the branding the professional and sterile aesthetic a veterinary supplier would want, while the clever copy and fun visuals catch the audiences' attention, making the experience memorable.

when I work on identity, the first things that I consider are the attitude and message the brand wants to portray. the colors and visuals are important, but without the 'why' behind them, that's all they are.

brand is what it looks like;

identity is why.