The President's Holiday Card

The task of designing the Winona State University president's personal holiday card is annually entrusted to the Campaign class. For this project, I partnered with my close friend and colleague, Brittany Dummer. It just so happened that the timing lined up with the 2017 National AIGA Design Conference, which we both attended. After this experience, we were very inspired by hand style lettering and found this the perfect opportunity to try it ourselves. Not only was this a method that had never been attempted before in past president cards, but it would give the words a truly personal touch. As you can see in the image, we spent a lot of time prototyping and nitpicking the style we would assign to each phrase of the card, however, I would say an equal amount of time went into planning what the card would read.

After a lot of revision, scribbles, and scrunched up papers tumbling across the floor, we ended up with something magical. Our original design displayed the front type in white and the back type in Winona purple on a translucent sleeve that encased the piece of cardstock. On the backside of the card itself, the president was meant to write his address. This would in turn offset the purple type on the translucent sleeve.

Unfortunately, we had to revise our design for cost and reproduction purposes. The result is the card displayed here, which omits the translucent sleeve.

Brittany and I couldn't be more proud of our hand letter card and we both have continued to practice

and improve the skill.