When I started conceptualizing Rotundum, I knew I wanted it to be a decorative typeface. My first mockups were actually much more detailed and elaborate, but I knew it was going to be too much for its intended use so I chose the most fundamental part of the design: the circle. Each letter has this element incorporated. The end result almost mimics spindles or furniture legs, but I'm actually okay with that. It's an elegant yet simple design that I envision being used in titles, decoration, and even branding. The typeface underwent several revisions and refinement before its luxurious physique was fully realized

So why Rotundum?

It actually comes from an anatomical term. Foramen Rotundum is a circular aperture in the skull that allows passageway for a nerve and connects two fossa. This was one of the original inspirations for the typeface. The circle may not connect two fossa, but it does bring together two halves of a stem on each letter. Rotunda, Rotation, Round, and Roulette were also up for consideration before a final name was chosen, but Rotundum was the one that really encompassed the idea behind it.

To round out this review (see what I did there), Rotundum will set your design apart in the best way. So be bold, be elegant, and pull out all the stops, or better yet, don't stop because circles don't and neither does Rotundum. In all seriousness though, I hope you enjoy using this typeface as much as I enjoyed designing it for you. Want to use Rotundum in your own work? Contact me for a zip file!