When we finished the game, I decided to launch it live on a site called New Grounds. This made it not only easy to share with others, but also possible to get honest feedback from a real demographic. The comments have been predominately positive, while any criticism has been asking for more to be added. It's been really exciting to work on Sky Parlor and see it come to life, and now that I have a stronger understanding of how to program something like this, I would love to make a second installment or work on something brand new in the future! 

The truth is, I just really wanted to make a game. The problem was... I had limited coding skills and not enough time to plan something on my own outside of class assignments. The year I created Sky Parlor, I was in a course that called for an online portfolio as a final project. I already had an online portfolio at the time and I knew the point of this last assignment was to showcase our competence in web design, so I took the opportunity to learn something completely new and finally have a chance to design a game. My boyfriend, Eric, offered to teach me how to write the code for the game, but the looming obstacle that remained was our timeframe: 3 weeks. We had to make a game from the ground up in 3 weeks. And that's where the dating sim idea sprouted, right out of the rocks.

"we were given 3 weeks to make an online portfolio, so we made a game instead."